Reasons to Work With a Pro Landscaper


Sometimes landscaping can be a do-it-yourself job. However, this isn't always the case. There are some projects, properties, and personal reasons to hire a professional landscapers. Maybe the project you need done is not something you can do on your own. Maybe you're older. Maybe you need some expertise. Regardless of the reason, there can be a lot of benefits to hiring a professional.

  • They are better at dealing with large properties
  • Professionals can save you time
  • They know what plants can be planted
  • They're ideal for older homeowners

They are Better at Dealing with Large Properties

Landscaping for your average-sized yard is one thing. Theoretically, you can do that yourself. Or you can pay your kids to do it. But if your property is large, or you have multiple properties to deal with, landscaping can become a challenge. If you have multiple properties to deal with, this can become impossible.

This is where landscapers come in handy. They deal with large properties all the time. Everything from large yards to apartments to commercial properties can be handled by a landscaper. If you have multiple properties in disparate locations, landscapers are ideal because they can transport themselves.

Professionals Can Save You Time

There are people for whom yard care is a hobby. They love mowing their lawns, raking their yards, or maintaining the perfect garden. However, not everyone is like this. For some people, a yard is a time sink that they only deal with because the homeowners' association or code enforcement makes them.  People sometimes spend around 70 hours a year on their yards.

If you're part of the latter group, a landscaper might be for you. They can deal with your lawn and leaves while you pursue other interests. And they may be able to teach you some things in the event you do get interested in yard work. But if that doesn't happen, you can still say you took your 70 hours back.

They Know what Plants Can be Planted

If you're not sure if you need a professional landscaper for large projects, ask yourself some questions: What is the acidity of the soil in your yard? How much water does your yard get per year? What plants attract bees and other desirable insects?

While sites like this one can provide you with general information, a website can't tell answer the specific questions about your yard. A landscaper from your local area can give you the specific information about your property and help you select the appropriate plants. They also know things like which plants are legal to plant, which can become an issue in drought-stricken areas. Let the expertise of a landscaper help you.

They're Ideal for Older Homeowners

Even if you like doing your own yard work, as you get older, you may find that you're less able to do it. Maybe you can't bend down to weed as well as you used to. Maybe you're not as able to handle heat as well. Whatever the case you still need to get the yard work done somehow,

If any of that describes you, you may want to get a landscaping service. A landscaping service can help you retain your independence. If you don't have family or neighbors you can rely on to help you with yard chores you can't do, a landscaper can help you stay out of trouble with code enforcement.


While there are people who enjoy yard work, not everyone does. And there are those who can't do it for whatever reason. Even if you like yard chores and can do them, consider having a landscaper drop by for a big project. Their expertise is valuable.