Full Yard Redesign

Landscaping Design

Project Details

  • Objective: Our objective was to deliver a complete lawn transformation by reviving and restructuring old flower beds, replacing dead plants with long-lasting local flowers, and growing grass that could survive in shady conditions.
  • Process:
  • Reviving and restructuring old flower beds: To improve the look and function of the existing flower beds, we revitalized them by removing dead plants and weeds, and restructured their edges using fieldstone rocks and chisel rocks.
  • Adding new long-lasting flowers: We sourced and planted a variety of local flowers that are known to be long-lasting. These flowers brought vibrant colors and beauty to the renovated flower beds, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the lawn.
  • Replacing grass under heavy shade: In areas where grass was struggling due to heavy shade, we opted to replace it with St. Augustine grass, a type of grass that thrives in conditions with minimal sunlight.
  • Materials Used:
  • Fieldstone rocks and chisel rocks: We used these rocks to redefine the edges of the flower beds, adding structure and elegance to the landscaping design.
  • Dark red mulch: The use of dark red mulch enhanced the vibrancy of the new flowers and created a harmonious contrast with the green grass.
  • Liriope plants: We added liriope plants in areas around the flower beds to fill in gaps and add greenery to the landscape.

Success Factors

  • Redesigned Flower Beds: By removing dead plants and redefining the edges of the old flower beds, we restored them to a more polished and organized look.
  • Sustainable Plants: By sourcing and planting local long-lasting flowers, we minimized the need for regular replacements and supported local ecosystems.
  • Improved Grass Coverage: By replacing grass under heavy shade, we increased grass coverage and added lushness to the lawn's look.
  • Overall satisfaction: Our client was delighted with the new landscaping design, which exceeded their expectations, and was impressed with the low-maintenance upkeep.


At our landscaping business, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional outdoor space transformations. This project involved reviving the old flower beds, replacing dead plants with long-lasting local flowers, and replacing grass under heavy shade. By incorporating fieldstone rocks, chisel rocks, dark red mulch, liriope plants, and St. Augustine grass, we successfully achieved stunning and functional landscaping. We are excited to continue delivering sustainable and low-maintenance landscaping solutions in all our future endeavors.

If you would like to learn more about this project or explore other landscaping projects we have worked on, please visit our projects webpage.

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