Grading, drainage, irrigation, sod installation

Grading & Drainage

Grading, drainage, irrigation, sod installation

Take it from us at Croatan Landscaping, good drainage and grading systems are one of the most important investments you can make. 

  • The Importance of Drainage And Grading
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  • Sod Installation
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The Importance of Drainage and Grading


Without proper systems to handle water, problems can occur. Improper drainage leads to cracked foundations flooded basements and if your drainage problem spills onto someone else’s property, you could face lawsuits or even fines if your water problem impacts public property. 

The worst part is that many of the problems that can be avoided with a proper drainage system are expensive. The problems listed above can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Calling Crotoan Landscaping saves you money down the line.

Drainage Options

Croatan landscaping has many methods to improve your drainage. One way is installing catch basins that will catch water and reroute it to a buried drainpipe and then to a surface drainage system. Catch basins can be installed along hardscape areas like driveways that don’t have the best water absorption capabilities.

Croatan Landscaping also has water control options like French drains. These gravel trenches steer water towards outlets like rain gardens or catch basins. This keeps water away from your foundation. Additionally, we can install rain barrels to help with irrigation.

Sod Installation 

Growing a full lawn from scratch takes time you don’t have if you’re trying to get your water under control. Our sod installation service installs lawn grass that takes root and starts absorbing water and holding the social This allows more proper absorption of water after a rainstorm. You and your family can also start enjoying your new lawn as soon as Croatan Landscaping is finished installing it. 


Here in North Carolina, keeping your lawns watered can be a tricky task during the Summer months. Croatan understands that you want to keep your lawn green and healthy so we offer services like installing easy-to-use sprinkler systems that you can control. For those trying to save water, our rain barrels can collect extra rain that you can use where you need it.


One important tool our landscaping service uses is grading. With our grading system, we add soil to places where you’re having drainage problems. This soil and sod steer the water away from your house and towards an area that’s better for you. 

Our grading can be used to fill in areas in your lawn where rainwater collects or we can go bigger. Our landscaping team can create a hill that leads excess rainwater away from your property. If you’re a fan of privacy, a grading system can also double as a natural berm to keep your yard from prying eyes.

Seamless Landscape Design with Drainage & Beautification

Our client needed to beautify some mechanical areas and also provide drainage in others, all the while looking seamless across all of the areas

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