Patios, stonework, lighting

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Patios, stonework, lighting

Hardscape design is an important part of any yard. Things like patios can provide a place to relax. Stonework gives people a safe place to walk without disturbing your grass and fire pits for great family moments. And lighting makes sure those walkways and patios are safe. And we here at Croatan Landscaping do all three.

  • Patios
  • Stonework
  • Lighting


The importance of patios cannot be understated. According to, a quality patio can increase a home’s resale value by 8% to 12%. When you’re trying to pitch a sale to a prospective buyer or rent your house for a rental, this can be a good selling point. Croatan Landscaping will build you the best quality patios on the market.

However. patios can be a great source of enjoyment for your family. For those who want to be outside but not in the hot North Carolina sun, or perhaps you like watching the rain a patio is a great option. Patios can also be enhanced with other upgrades like hot tubs. And our stone patios and other hardscaping options are more durable than wooden enhancements that are vulnerable to things like rot and mildew.


Stonework features are both durable and environmentally friendly. While wooden features require regular maintenance to prevent mildew, stone features are lower maintenance and perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time. And stonework can withstand the elements of North Carolina better than wood.

Croatan Landscaping offers many high-quality stonework options that can enhance your property. Stone pathways can keep people off your grass. For those who are disabled or elderly, stone paths can also be a great option to help you enjoy your yard without getting stuck in the mud.

Other options include stone firepits and walls. You can have family events around a fire and our hardscaping quality will keep the fire in the firepit and not in the yard. And our walls provide privacy and strong construction. 


Croatan Landscaping knows lighting can be an important part of your outdoor improvement projects both for security and enjoyment purposes. In places where there aren’t a lot of streetlights, lighting can be a major safety improvement. Burglars are less likely to go towards a well-lit home.

They’re also a great safety measure, particularly for the elderly. Lighting decreases the odds of tripping over things. They’re also great for the safety of children. A good lighting system allows your kids to play outside at night.

Adding a lighting system or any of our other hardscaping options will enhance your property. When you Croatan Landscaping, you’ll get high-quality work. Your hardscaping will be done timely and safely.

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