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Ground Coverings

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Ground Covering

Ground Cover can be an important aspect of many landscaping projects. Proper ground cover can supplement lawns, nourish trees and gardens, and prevent erosion. Croatan Landscaping provides options for ground cover like mulch and pine straw. We can also help you design flower beds and stone edging.

  • Mulch
  • Pine Straw
  • Flower Beds
  • Stone Edging


There are several reasons to add mulch to your landscape or garden. For starters, it helps the plants grow. Mulch moderates the soil’s temperature (which can be important in the frequently fluctuating temperatures of North Carolina. The compost we lay down also helps save water by shading the soil and cutting down on evaporation. This will help you save a lot of money on your water bill. 

It’s also good for the environment. By saving water, you can improve the environment. Mulch also naturally prevents weeds and other unwanted plants like poison ivy from sprouting. This will cut down on the use of weed killers. Not only is this better for the environment, it saves you money. Done correctly (and our landscaping company will do it correctly), you can be sure to get a healthy garden.

Pine Straw

Croatoan Landscaping’s straw serves some of the same functions as mulch but it does have some key differences. Pine straw is not quite as heavy as mulch so it is easier to spread. You also got a lot more pine straw per pound than you would with mulch. 

Pine straw is also a lot more durable and less likely to blow away in a major wind storm. It will also break down more slowly meaning it’s a good option if you have to go long periods between landscaping appointments. Be sure to consider your needs and capabilities before choosing mulch or pine straw.

Flower Beds

Whether you need to start a flower bed for your backyard or you have a large property and can’t do it yourself, our team is here for you. We use soil and things like mulch and pine straw to help build your garden. 

Our team also considers the flowers you want and their colors. We especially like adding flowers that attract pollinators. We can give you beautiful and eco-friendly flower beds that beautify your property and increase its value.

Stone Edging

Stone edging is an important piece to any flower bed. The rain can get wild in our town. Stone edging keeps your garden in its proper place. It keeps the mulch and straw from washing away. It also keeps the roots in place. Given the chance, some roots will continually spread out, sometimes to undesirable places.

While these are good functional uses, Croatan Landscaping doesn’t sacrifice style. We have many different styles of stone to choose from. They will keep your garden in place and look good doing it.

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